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Meet Ms. Wallace

Parents love their children. Educators want to help their students. And kids just want to succeed. I’ve experienced these challenges first-hand. We will face them together, hand in hand. The time has come to take action.

Meet Ms. Wallace

My Story

For more than 30 years, I have been a Dallas ISD parent and community organizer in South Dallas. A graduate of James Madison High School, I hold a BS in criminal justice from Texas Southern University.


My career began as a probation officer in Harris County.  The people on my caseload got younger and younger. I took the role intending to keep people out of prison but realized instead we were funneling people, including children, into prison. In addition to raising four children, three of whom graduated from Dallas ISD, I have served on PTOs, PTAs, and the Dallas ISD board president’s Code of Conduct reforms working hand in hand with the district for decades. I have served as a substitute teacher, and parent-student advocate informally and formally through several committees, community-based organizations, and even directly through Dallas ISD.


With all I have learned about policy, how the district works, and how we can make an immediate difference for kids, I am finally, through much encouragement from my community, running for Dallas ISD District 9 Trustee.

My Values

I firmly believe that trust goes a mighty long. As a mother of four, I have instilled in my children that no matter the situation, seriousness, or magnitude, you should also be honest and tell the truth. The truth establishes trust and trust builds character.  Over many years of working with DISD on many projects and countless committees, I have personally experienced encounters with trust and transparency.  Once the trust is lost and your options are not clear(transparent), we have a problem.  

Trust & Transparency

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It Takes A Village

My goal is to build unity in the community. Bridging the gaps of inequitable education, it's time out for play politics with the lives of our black and brown children. I've never been interested in politicking with something so vital, the lives of children. In D9 it's  time for new leadership, someone willing to ask the hard questions, face difficult conversations head on and      


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